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Accelerating Science
Dharani Dhar Das and Surajit Choudhury
ISBN : 9382661247
Year Of Publication : 2015
Bibliography : Pages 612
Price : US$80

About the Book

About the Author

Dr. Erwin Neher (Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine, 1991)

Dr. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan (Nobel Laureate, Chemistry, 2009)

Dr. John Gurdon (Nobel Laureate, Medicine, 2012)

Sir Harold Walter Kroto (Nobel Laureate, Chemistry, 1996)

Dr. Oliver Smithies (Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine, 2007)

Prof. C.N.R. Rao (Bharat Ratna)

Prof. Harald Zur Hausen (Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine, 2008)

Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju International Year of Crystallography in the context of India and the North East region

Dr. Bikash Sinha Higgs Boson ? A window into the mystery of mass

Prof. Sunanda Banerjee God Particle or Higgs Boson

Sri Govind Bhattacharjee Problems on the Edge of Physics Today

Dr. Kalpana Bora Fundamental Particles, Interactions & Super symmetry

Dr. Ashoke Chandra Deb Progress of Nuclear Science for the Development of India

Dr. C.R. Deka Remote Sensing and Gis Technology and its application

Prof. Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh Dreams come true in the era of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Dr. Ayon Bhattacharjee Laser Technology

Prof. K. D. Krori How Does Sap Rise in a Very Small Tree?

Dr. C.P. Reghunadhan Nair Polymeric Materials for Space Applications- Current Scenario and Future Trends

Dr. Abhijit Biswas Space Science and Exploration

Prof. Madhurjya P. Bora Many Colours of Astrophysics

Miss Uddipana Kalita Chandrayaan-1 : India Makes History

Dr. Sanghamitra Mukherjee Some interesting features of a computational model

Satyajit Paul Information and Communications Technology plays a vital role in world development and making human life easier!!!

Sri Mondar Choudhury DNA Computing: 21st century tool for advance computing

Sri Plaban Bora An introduction to Chemical Engineering

Debdeep Saha Modern Power System Practices

Prof. S. K. Dwivedy and Krishanu Roy Robotics : Basic Elements

Sri Biplab Ghosh Grey Water recycling

Dr. Ajay Bhattacharyya Contemporary trend of road accident - an analytical study from Assam

Sri Anuj Kishor Budhkar State and scope of better transportation in North East India

Sri Nirangkush Nath Engineering for Engineering?s sake?

Dr. Anupam Saikia On Conjectures and approach to Mathematics

Dr Ambikesh Mahapatra Dimension & Unit

Prof. Uday Maitra The importance of asking questions - in different ways!

Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya Science Fairs: Promoting enquiry based learning or colourful model making?

Sri Jaideep Baruah Project-based learning : Children?s Science Congress experience

Dr. Parimal Paul Introduction to Modern Techniques for Chemical Analysis

Sri Run Kr. Baruah Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) Fuels

Dr. R.N.Dutta Purkayastha Graphene : the wonder molecule

Sri Chitraranjan Dey Paint of your car- Basics of Automotive coatings

Dr. Nilomoni Nath Study of Enantiomers using NMR Spectroscopy: A Powerful Aid for Organic Chemists

Dr. Abhijit Deb Roy Biochemistry and Future prospect

Dr. Asitikantha Sarma A Glimpse into the Wonderful world of Radiation Biology

Dr. Nirupam Roy Choudhury Geminivirus: an important plant pathogen and an excellent model to study eukaryotic DNA replication mechanism

Dr. Tarun Ch. Bora Exploration, documentation and bio-prospecting microbial diversity in North East gene pool

Dr. Ashis Kumar Nandi Plant Immune system: from a layman?s view

Mrs. Moonmoon Bhattacharyya Plant tissue culture: micro propagation of Banana and its present day relevance

Dr. Shruti Chatterjee Marine Bioactive Compounds

Mayur Mausoom Phukan A short perspective on the biotechnological B. K. Konwar Potential of microalgae

Sri Monoj Mon Kalita H.C.V. - Hepatitis C Virus

Prof. B.P. Gautam Importance of vegetables in daily life

P.K.Sarma, B.Deka and H.C.Boruah Basic concepts of soil science

Dr. M. K. Sarmah Developments in Biotechnology : Looking Miss Sangeeta Baruah Ahead the challenges and opportunities for 21st century

Sri Mayur Jyoti Baruah The system of Rice lntensification (SRl).... A brief idea about

Dr Jayanta B Sarma 23,000 Genes and 100 Trillion Microbes

Dr. Aparna Sonowal Microbiology :: The world of Microbs

Sri Amorjyoti Borthakur Gene Therapy ? A revolution in Medical Science

Dr. Mridu P. Borah Let?s know something about these diseases

Prof. Arun Bhushan Barua The Role Played by Science in our Health in Determining Vitamin A as a Vital Micro

Sri Satyen Sanghavi Stem Cell Therapy- Current Global Scenario and Indian Perspective

Miss Stuti Borthakur Human Papilloma Virus and Development of Cervical cancer in Women

Dr. Debashree De Placenta Derived Mesenchymal Stromal cells : Ornella Parolini Salient Preclinical studies

Dr. Tridib K. Goswami Photochemotherapeutic Agents

Dr. Bijut Hazarika Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

Dr. Dharmakanta Kumbhakar Mind Your Migraine

Dr. Simanta Jyoti Nath Stone disease of human urinary system : Impact and concern

Dr. Pinaki Raj Kalita Obesity, A scientific approach

Dr. Dharmakanta Kumbhakar Small Bite - Big Threat

Dr. Bikash Bhattacharjee An overview of Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Jayanta Sarmah Something about Throid and Thyrodism and awarness to the society

Dr. Vijay Gogoi Madness, Insanity, Lunacy....... What isIt

Dr.Vijay.Pd.Bania Epistaxisin Children

Dr. Dharmakanta Kumbhakar Venomous Snakebite

Dr. T.K.Banik Liver and its function

Dr. Abhishek Bhattacharjee Ayurveda - The science of life

Dr Ritwick Raj Bhuyan The human heart surgery

Dr. Dharmakanta Kumbhakar Consulting Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Prof. Lester A. Mitscher The Evolution of Modern Medicines from Natural Products

Sri Jugoprokash Bhattacharjee Towards an environmentally sustainable hunger free society with decent work, education, health and care for all ? can Science and Society work in unison to achieve it?

Dr. Binod Pokhrel Water is life

Prof. K.P. Sarma Wetlands: ecology, conservation and Assam

Dr. Amlan Mukherjee The Challenges of Change

Dr. Samrat Paul Renewable Energy Resources and Technology

Dr. Ujwala Hujuri Plastics: Its Use, Misuse, Reuse and Recycle

Prof. Dilip Majumdar Impact of Metals on Human Health

Sri Anupam Kumar Kashyap Managing Pollution of oil & gas industries

Prof. J. Bhattacharjee Requirement of Utilisation of green building concept for sustainable development in India

Sri H. Choudhury Global warming and Carbon sequestration

Rajib Lochan Deka and Prasanta Neog Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood Security

Ridip Hazarika Capsaicinoid: The Pungency Principle of Capsicum species

Miss Mandakini Bhagawati Roof top gardening : A step towards a modern kitchen garden

Dr Pinaki Sengupta Focus on Mineral Resources of North Eastern Region

Dr. Ravi S. Bhattacharjee Need for professional development of Physics/ Science Teachers

Dr. Nilamoni Nath Study of Enantiomers using NMR Spectroscopy: An Powerful Aid for Organic Chemists

Prof. Kshiradhar Baruah A Science Journalist Extra Ordinary

Prof. S.P Bhattacharyya Prospect of Technical Education in the North-East

Dr. Sudip Dey Electron Microscopy : Principles & Applications

Dr. Mrinal Kanti Bhattacharya Sir J.C. Bose and plant action potential

Prof. A.B. Raha Prof. P.C.Mahalanobis and his Creation: The Indian StatistInstituteical

Sri Sandeep Choudhury ChandrasekharaVenkata Raman A Legend of Modern Indian Science

Sri Subrata Nandi Meghnad Saha

Sri Firoz Ansari Dr Haragobinda Khorana

Sri Saumitra Choudhury Prafulla Chandra Roy: A Tribute

Sri Monotosh Chakravarty In praise of a visionary scientist

Sri Subhajit Choudhury Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Sri Sanjay Kumar Dey Satyendra Nath Bose Tower over Higgs in world of physics

Mr. Pankaj Sarma Ramanujan: for whom numbers are not enough

Sri Gaurab Dutta Greatness Personified- The life story of Raja Ramanna