Publish With Us

Publish with Us

Indo American Books assures strong development support for every book, with no compromise to the attention that each author and project deserves. We add crucial value to the books that we craft in line with the quality of our brands, from intelligent coaching of authors, through strong editorial development, to innovative sales and marketing. We work closely with our authors and customers to develop more active learning experiences and more dynamic working relationships and always welcome feedback from our authors and readers.

Market Leadership

Indo American Books publishes market-leading titles in accounting, economics, education, engineering, English, management, marketing, mathematics, psychology, sociology, and many other disciplines in the sciences and humanities. Our editorial offices in India, UK and Canada.


With offices in UK and Canada, Indo American Books has built an international reach that enables us to provide the most comprehensive sales, marketing and distribution for the books we publish. We have the expertise to exploit the multiple sales channels, and an increasing proportion of our business comes from new formats and markets. Our discipline-focused sales and editorial teams help us to fully understand our customers’ needs, and ensure a wholly customer-oriented development process.


Service to our customers has always been an important part of our success. We offer one of the largest and most highly trained sales forces in educational publishing. Given our size and reach, we are able to reach out and service your book to virtually all potential customers; and the closer we get to our customers, the better our publishing becomes.

We’re eager to hear from you—if you have an idea for a text, please send us email