To Shoot Hard Labou...

call of duty

To Shoot Hard Labour 2

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To Shoot Hard Labour 2

Author: Year Of Pub : 2015
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1 WIDENING THE PATH: Undeniable glory of the early people

2 MORE MONEY LESS WORRY: Pressure on all sides

3 MOTHER, LEADER, TEACHER, DAREDEVIL: Memory of the last slave from Yag

4 TACKLING THE PROBLEM: . Determined to live a better life

5 PUTTING UP VILLAGES: Hard work, fun and love to the proper

6 TOTAL CALAMITY: The grandeur of Halksbil1 faded

7 THE NEW GOLDEN TEXT: Moravian and Methodist condemned

8 CULTURE BLOOMS: People yearn for school

9 SUSTAINING LIFE: Wonder of countless ages

10 SCORCHED EARTH: An orgy of crimes and destruction

11 THE GREAT CONTRAST: Depending on massa and not themselves

12 CHANGING TIMES: Local teachers took charge

13 POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK: Judicial power and obeah culture

14 PAPA SAMMY, THE METEOLOGIST: Points the way forward


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