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Tribal Art and Craft of Uttarakhand


Tribal Art and Craft of Uttarakhand

Author: Year Of Pub : 2015
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Uttarakhand, the 27 state of the Indian Union came into existence on 9 November, 2000 as Uttaranchal. The state was renamed as Uttarakhand in 2006. It has two distinct regions; the Garhwal in the West and Kumaun in the East. Here Bhotia (Shauka /Ran /Marchha/ Taulchha /Jad), Banraut (Van Rawat / Raji), Tharu, Buxa and Jaunsari are tribal communities. They have their own art and craft culture. The book is an effort to present an overall view of a critical study done during the first decade of twenty first century on art and craft traditions including the culture of the tribes of Uttarakhand. Visuals and text both shall highlight the strength of Tribal art and craft along with the cultural panorama of these tribes with issues and challenges for their betterment accompanied with suggestions. Position of tribal women in the society is also highlighted. Causes of deterioration and possible measures for upliftment of art, craft and culture of these tribes will add to the value of the book.

Like variety of creatures in the sea, stars in the sky and flowers on the earth these gems of Tribal arts and crafts of Uttarakhand in the form of a book are being published. Of course, this book will bring to light rich and varied characteristics of art and craft traditions of the tribes of Uttarakhand and would be helpful to revive the dwindling arts and crafts of tribal communities. It is hoped that this publication shall inspire art and craft lovers, researchers and scholars for further micro and deep study in the field with other inter related subjects.

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