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Calculus & Analytic Geometry


Calculus & Analytic Geometry

Author: Year Of Pub : 2006
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New Era in Teaching Calculus :
The third edition of this text is being published at the start of an exciting new era in teaching calculus. Calculus instructors widely agree that this decade will see changes in the way calculus is taught. But leaders in calculus reform are moving in different directions, and it is not clear what the changes will finally be. While experiments are conducted at a number of colleges, the teaching of calculus for the most part adheres to traditional syllabi, with forays in some new directions. While ours is a "traditional" calculus text, we felt it important in this edition to take initial steps into the realm of the "new calculus" by including explorations in the use of graphing calculators and computers.

Continuing Features :
In our first edition we set out to write a straightforward, mathematically sound book that would nevertheless capture the interest of students. We felt-and still feel- that there is a place for a mature, mainstream text with the readability and practicality usually associated with lower-level books. The text can readily adapt to either semester or quarter systems. There is flexibility in the order and depth in which the material can be presented. As before, we present concepts in both theorem- proof style and in the vernacular. We have often found that when students are presented with an alternative explanation, a mental block is unlocked and better appreciation of the material  Explanations in plain English also serve to provide the qualitative perspective from which analysis must at times be viewed.

Table of Contents :
* Introduction * The Limit of a Function * 3 The Derivative * Applications of the Derivative * The Definite Integral * Applications of the Integral * Exponential and Logarithmic Functions * Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Hyperbolic Functions * Techniques of Integration * Indeterminate Forms; Improper Integrals; Taylor Polynomials * Infinite Series Historical erspectives * Conics * Polar Coordinates; Parametric Equations * Vectors; Analytic Geometry in Space * Vector Functions * Functions of Several Variables * Directional Derivative, Gradient, and Extrema * Multiple Integrals * Topic in Vector Calculus * Differential Equations

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