Empirical Approache...

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Empirical Approaches to Urban Sociology


Empirical Approaches to Urban Sociology

Author: Year Of Pub : 2009
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By Jiaming Sun and Xiangming Chen
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Jiaming Sun and Xiangming Chen
The City as a Growth Machine: Toward a Political Economy of Place
Author : Harvey Molotch
A Decade of the New Urban Sociology
Author : Sharon Zukin
Urbanism as a Way of Life
Authors : Louis Wirth
Immigration and Urban Change
Author : Roger Waldinger
Economic Restructuring and the American City
Authors : Sassen, Saskia
Occupational disparity in a migrant metropolis: a case study of Atlanta
Author : Robert M. Adelman, Hui-shien Tsao and Stewart E. Tolnay
Untangling a global-local nexus: sorting out residential sorting in Shanghai
Author : Xiangming Chen and Jiaming Sun
New Globalism, New Urbanism: Gentrification as Global Urban Strategy
Author : Neil Smith
Measurement of the World City Network
Author : P. J. Taylor, G. Catalano and D. R. F. Walker

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