Bharati Korean 3

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Bharati Korean 3


Bharati Korean 3

Author: Year Of Pub : 2006
Product ID: 38380o


This book has a wide coverage of different aspects of Korean language proficiency. It commences from the very basic level of patterns and grammar for the beginners unaccustomed to the language to the intermediary level for conversational purposes.

It provides the pronunciation of the Korean words in Hindi and its meaning in English. Since certain words are more difficult to articulate by English representation, the Hindi pronunciation aids the learner to grasp the phonetics of Korean better. In addition to this, the section on grammar and vocabulary provides for a comprehensive study. There are practice questions at the end of each lesson for revisions and the vocabulary meaning is presented in English and pronunciation in Hindi. Conversation lessons are a part of the book which help put into practice the structural and grammatical content of the book into everyday conversation.

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