The Colorful Rainbo...

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The Colorful Rainbow Dream

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The Colorful Rainbow Dream

Author: Year Of Pub : 2008
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This is an educational children`s book recommended for ages seven and up. There are important moral and ethical values to be taught to children of all backgrounds as this is a multi-cultural adventure story that takes children around the world to all seven continents. It is designed to teach good character and values based concepts to children. The Noahide Code is the basis for the key moral values that are taught to children in this book: respecting the property of others, humane treatment of animals, respecting courts of law, respecting human life, respecting family relationships, and respecting the Creator. This is a colorful picture/storybook that brings to life these basic human values that can help to achieve peace in the world. It is a fun and meaningful story for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time.

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