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(Re)Solving Violence in America

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(Re)Solving Violence in America

Author: Year Of Pub : 2017
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In the year since the initial publication of (Re)Solving Violence in America (RSVIA), the world has witnessed new forms of violence. Gunmen have stormed nightclubs and dance halls and killed dozens with automatic weapons.  Terrorists have driven large trucks and plowed over of people on crowded boulevards andin bustling markets.  
Wars or violent conflicts are being waged on five of the six continents.1
North Korea has increased its belligerent propaganda and weapons testing.  China is establishing military bases in disputed waters in the South China Sea.  
Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.
RSVIA inspired two additional texts:  Black Lives Matter: Lifespan Perspectives (Fairchild, 2017b) and Social Psychology and World Peace: A Primer (Fairchild & Fairchild, forthcoming).  Those texts incorporated discussion questions at the end of each chapter that made the material more useful for teachers and students.  
Accordingly, this Second Edition includes discussion questions at the close of each chapter.  These questions may be used to short essay assignments and/or in-class discussion.  
As noted in the concluding chapter, the solution to violence in America requires addressing the problem of violence in the world at large.  Readers are urged to explore these issues in Social Psychology and World Peace: A Primer.

Preface to the Second Edition

1. Introduction: 
The Problems of Violence,  by Halford Fairchild, Ph.D.

Part I : 
Forms of Violence

2. Gun Violence in America 
by Halford Fairchild, Ph.D.
3. Sexual Violence
by Rebecca Nathan

4. Violence in the Popular Culture
by Mariah Farris

5. Violence in Sports
by Oona Doyle

Part II :
  The Places of Violence

6. Violence In the Home
by Oona Doyle

7. Violence in American Schools
by Nattanicha Wattananimitul

8. Workplace Violence
by Halford Fairchild, Ph.D.
9. Violence in the Public Sphere
by Authors

10. Violence in the Justice System
by Witisada Wattananimitgul and Nattanicha Wattananimitgul

11. (Re)solving Violence in America
by Halford Fairchild, Ph.D.

The Problem of the 21st Century
by Halford H. Fairchild, Ph.D. ( 2014)

(Re)Solving Violence in America

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