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Social Psychology and World Peace: A Primer


Social Psychology and World Peace: A Primer

Author: Author: Year Of Pub : 2018
Product ID: B000018

Foreword:  The Greatest International Crime is War

Preface:  On the Origins of this Book

First Interlude:  Ode to Peace

Part 1: The ABCs of Social Psychology: Definition, History and Methods

Part 2:  Social Cognition

Part 3: The Self

Part 4:  Attitudes, Behavior and Persuasion

Part 5:  Person Perception

Part 6:  Conformity and Obedience

Part 7:  Close Relationships

Part 8:  Pro-social Behavior and Altruism

Part 9:  Aggression

Part 10:  Group Dynamics

Part 11:  Prejudice, Racism and Discrimination

Part 12:  Cooperation and Competition

Part 13:  Invited Chapters

Afterword:  A Reach for World Peace

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