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Author: Year Of Pub : 2019
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China: Empire and Civilization is an authoritative and accessible guide to one of the world's most remarkable civilizations. Superbly illustrated, it offers a vivid portrait of this fascinating culture, from the court of the emperor to the traditions of Daoism and Confucianism.
Includes more than 200 full-color photographs of magnificent art, architecture, landscapes, ceremonies, and festivals
Brings depth and clarity to key aspects of China's historical, religious, philosophical, and artistic heritage 
Explores the major themes of Chinese history and culture over the last four thousand years, from the dawn of antiquity to the end of the imperial era 
Is written by leading scholars and reflects the latest archaeological research
Features a special section on the continuing legacy of the imperial period,  tracing its impact through the twentieth century to the present day 
Contains maps, time charts, and highlighted features on key topics for easy reference
China: Empire and Civilization Edward L. Shaughnessy, General Editor
To Western eyes, China is one of the most mysterious and intriguing of all civilizations. The legacy of its long dynastic rule, extending back to before 1500 BCE, includes fascinating concepts of philosophy, religion, art, science, and mythology that continue to influence the modern world. China: Empire and Civilization explores the ideas and achievements of this unique culture through a combination of authoritative, accessible scholarship and magnificent imagery.
Drawing on the most recent discoveries and theories, the book presents China's history, society, and beliefs from the legends of prehistory to the end of imperial power in 1912. It investigates the key cultural, spiritual, and artistic traditions of this vast civilization and describes the country's major scientific and technological innovations, such as gunpowder, printing, and the compass. The book challenges the conventional view of China as an isolated, insular civilization, stressing instead the international and cosmopolitan nature of its history. A concluding section discusses the continuing legacy of the imperial period through the turbulent years of the twentieth century up to the present day. 
A wealth of color photography and artwork, together with a lively and authoritative text, vividly evoke the customs and traditions of the Chinese world, from life in the most remote rural village to the running of the imperial court.

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