Deconstructing Road...

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Deconstructing Roadblocks to Quality Physical Education


Deconstructing Roadblocks to Quality Physical Education

Author: Author: Year Of Pub : 2020
Product ID: B000022

No one ever said teaching was going to be easy. Teaching may be the most demanding job ever, but the rewards are far greater than the demands. Readers of this book must have selected it because they are:
1. New physical educators who want some advice on getting through those
        first years.
2. Preservice physical educators who desire to be better prepared to meet
        the demands of teaching.
3. Physical educators who have been teaching for several years and are
        looking for new ways to solve some problems.
4. Physical educators searching for unique and creative ways to improve
        the quality of physical education classes. 

Introduction: Fasten Your Seat Belts
Chapter ONE: Loading or Unloading Zone
Chapter TWO: Under Construction
Chapter THREE:  STOP!
Chapter FOUR: Car Pool Lane
Chapter FIVE:  Caution Hazardous Waste
Chapter SIX: Curve Ahead
Chapter SEVEN: No Parking
Chapter EIGHT: Slow!
Chapter NINE: Tool Bag of Resources for Physical Educators
Chapter  TEN : No Parking Any Time: Questions and Tasks
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